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Directed by Chris Columbus. release year 2001. UK. Creators J.K. Rowling. Reviews Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) thinks that he is an ordinary boy. But on his eleventh birthday, he finally discovered who he really is and he learns that his mum and dad were wizards and witches. Then he realized that he was lucky to survive. Since then, he became a famous person in his new school. In between, a mysterious giant came and gave him a letter telling that he was one of the chosen ones to the school. Therefore he became happy to start a new life and ready to adjust to his new school. As a result, in the school he met two friends, one friend is smart the other one is kind. Runtime 2h 32 m

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Hey! Voldy has his nose. John Hurt is an amazing actor! Also, do you think Olivander bought a bunch of vases just to see if people explode them? Lol. Voldemort is like the anakin skywalker of Harry Potter, he did amazing things but turned evil, and Harry is like Luke even though hes not Voldemorts son. And the wand similarities are like how Luke got anakin lightsaber. I might be a literal genius. Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream download. This video is a TROLL See what I did there. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch stream new. Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream data. In the book, doesn"t dumbledore say, nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak, like for people who agree. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch stream. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch stream online.

Legend syas five days later a threatening letter came from the laywers of the dark lord Sauron for property damage.
You"re a lizard harry.
1:40 Ron just did the British version of people calling the knight “horsey”.

2:47 snapes face like boo what have you done. I"ve just realised, when harry"s kids go to hogwarts james sirius gets in gryffindor, James and Sirius were both gryffindor, Lily Luna gets in Ravenclaw, luna, who she was named after was in ravenclaw and albus severus was in slytherin, severus snape who he was named after was a slytherin. It"s like whatever their middle name, they ear in the same house as they were named after. Same with Harry, his middle name was James and he was a gryffindor.

1:39 the first black piece to die after the initial pawn is shown to be the queen. She"s still standing in her initial square flanked by the king and the rook. It"s weird that Ron lost his most valuable piece so early, and weirder still that he managed to win after that. http://taiwarishi.duckdns.org/sitemap.xml Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream lyrics.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch streams

Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream video. Pause at 2:27 and look at the wand that Ollivander gives him because it"s different to his real wand and so was Hermoines one bc hermoine had queenees one, IDK how to spell there names. Okay there here we go I thought watching a movie done for children. All the advertisements for it, the articles about the books and the movie and finally my boss, referring the books to me made me have a closer look at all this. When I started to read the Sorcerer"s Stone I was quite amazed. People on the train looked at me, a 25 year old guy reading a childrens book, not stopping to laugh. I was that amused that I decided to stop reading until I saw the movie and I can tell you : This one"s a great one. Nice characters : Harry, Hermine, Ron, wonderful effects, good action ( I loved the Wizard"s chess match at the end. some good scary effects packed in a nice story. What else do you want ? This one was definitely one of the better ones in 2001 and is a good appetizer for the sequels to come. The only thing that disturbed me was the Quidditch matches as the effects sometimes looked too cheap, but hey there you get more than 2 hours of good laughs, scary effects and real nice special fx. Will continue reading the book now.


Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream voyage package. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch. Harry potter and the sorcerer"s stone watch streamer. Quirrel looked like he taking the turban off involuntarily to me. Pretty sure vol6was the one taking it off.

Is this wand for wishing my master or is this magic ambiguity. Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream reaction. Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream mean. The actor who used to play Olivander also played in Alien back in "79 he is the one who got that Alien in his stomach. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch stream.nbcolympics. Thats funny that they changed his wand throughout the movie to the tree! You can see its not the famous one that is shown later. 4:12 yeah you great muggle. oh wait, um poop, if I have no magic oh wait that"s right I can say it to other muggles woo hoo.

My friend would feel the same way if anyone insults the greatest wizard in all of Hogwarts.


Hold up, what tf is the philosophers stone. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch streaming sur internet. My Favorite Part is 1:25 lol its creepy because of the music. I just like how Hagrid waited till 12 midnight to break the door down??. Harry Potter was actually not bad; considering the director, I assumed it would be horrid as his other films. It was a trace stodgy at the beginning, with much-too-much time spent with the awful relatives (this could have been a brief, effective montage during the credits- we know he"s miserable, we don"t need twenty minutes of beating over the head to "get it. And we could have dispensed with the entire train ride; just because a scene is in a book, does not mean that it MUST be in the movie- movies and books are not the same medium, and a film needs to travel at some sort of a clip. But once Potter got to school, I rather enjoyed myself. With the exception of the ghastly Emma Watson as Hermione (an awful, awful little actress who mistakes enunciation for acting) the performers are enjoyable and funny. Maggie Smith and Alan Rickman are always a delight, and they really set a pace in their scenes that the rest of the movie lacks. Some of the effects are grand, some are rather lumpen, but the movie is by and large trying so hard to charm us that you have to give in or feel like a curmudgeon. I gave in. I had a diverting afternoon. Oddly enough, I took my children (8 & 10) and enjoyed it MUCH MORE than they did. I won"t say this isn"t a children"s movie; it"s just too long and there isn"t that feeling of awe that the best children"s films can evoke in a child. They both thought it couldn"t hold a candle to "Shrek" a movie with more of an and-then-what-happened vibe. Harry Potter needs to soar; this movie doesn"t, but is enjoyable nevertheless.

Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream reddit. Harry potter and the sorcerer 27s stone watch stream karaoke. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch stream of consciousness. He could to do mate in 2. Rupert : What would you like to do if you had magic power ? Daniel : KILL YOU Literally sums up Harry and Ron"s relationship ??????.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch stream new albums. Harry potter and the sorcerer"s stone watch streaming. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer"s Stone Watch streaming.






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